Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's a good cheap digital video camera I can get?

Q. I'm looking to buy a digital video camera because I want to be able to record myself playing the piano and then share with friends/youtube. I only have about $150 to spend, what sort of camera should I get. I want the best quality I can can get within my budget. Any types of cameras you guys know of?

A. For that price I would suggest Flip Ultra Camcorder 2nd Generation, 120 Minutes

I am teaching piano in my home and I want to record my students playing with video and audio.?
Q. I was looking at the Shure microphones and was considering the SM57 since I am not recording piano professionally. I just want to have a nice sound to add to the video so my students can learn what they did wrong and so fourth. I just want to get a nice sound since the microphone on my video camera is of low quality. Any help will be appreciated.

A. If you're not going to "do" anything with the recordings other than critique students' playing, errors-and good things, fingerings, etc. there's no need to purchase an expensive mic. I don't understand why the on-camera mic doesn't pick-up the piano sounds good enough for evaluation/improvement. Move the camera closer, cropping in close on the hands/fingers?
I've done the same thing in public school teaching strictly for evaluation and quantitative analysis of numbers of errors made vs. number of correct pitches. Gives you a clear-cut way of rating/grading, with no room for "I didn't play that BAD!" Let's listen/look at the video-tape....
Good Luck!

what is a high quality camera for recording music?
Q. what is a high quality camera for recording music (singing, piano, electric guitar, drums)?
how can you make music videos smooth and professional sounding? i don't have a studio either.

A. Well, you don't say what kind of budget your have but, you want high quality so, start with this article - - Now, that you understand a little about what's involved, here is one of the least expensive high quality cameras. The average price if a high qualtiy camera is around $10,000.

However, for recording live sound, if you want the highest quality, you need to record it with Pro Tools recording software directly off the mixer that the band plays through and you then need to sync your video with the Pro Tools audio using Pro Tools.

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