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What is a good video camera for recording loud music without distorting the noise?

Q. I'm in a rock band, and we would like to record us playing, so we can put it on youtube. We are looking for a VIDEO camera that can shoot good videos, but we want better sound quality. Budget is $200 or less. This, or a camera that has a "USB IN" thing so that i can plug a rockband mic into it

A. To get the very best sound quality for a music video, you should ALWAYS record the video and the music separately. Then merge and synchronize the music using a good audio/video editor and sequencer like Pro Tools.

But, if you insist on recording them together, you need to have a digital video camcorder that has an external microphone input so that you can plug in your own studio quality microphone. Better still is to have more than one microphone running through a mic preamp that feeds into the camcorder. The music should also be balanced correctly by running the entire band through a mixer and then recording the audio off of the mixer in stereo to the camcorder.

If your music is too loud, it's going to sound bad anyway. You can turn down the music and it not only sounds better, the people listening to won't have to shout at each other to comment on it and the musicians won't go deaf at an early age from damaging their ears with a constant barrage of excessive decibels.

what kind of video camera should I buy?
Q. I want something used at a reasonable price that can actually tolerate some motion and has sufficient audio quality to record live music. What's the best used video camera? Is digital really better than tape, given what I'm looking for?

A. get the SVP t-100 or the t-500 , or any of the t series for that matter, they are a lot better quality than the analog , or dv technology , dvd was the next one , which still had the transfer and edit problems , and now we have hdd and SD and sdhc technology allowing us to record massive amounts of information with out loss in transfer to hard drive and transfers to computers , ease with editing , and quick and easy burning. what sort of video should you buy , this is a personal choice , if you had a SONY and you loved it get another one , or JVC have a look at the svp one , it is cheap and does all you need and have described.and is around $100US or $150AU

How can I put My Snapvine music on utube?
Q. Look I don't have a video camera or anything to record my music...... I just want to know how to put my music on u tube. Please help me!

A. ...How is this a joke or a riddle? ( >_>)

I don't think it's possible to put just music on Youtube without any sort of visual. One way to put your music on Youtube is to download software such as Camtasia, which will allow you to record videos and sound on your computer. Then put an image on your computer screen of something relevant to the song, such as a picture or lyrics, begin recording with Camtasia, and then play the song. ( ^_^ ) It should record the sound right from your computer; you don't need to worry about a microphone or anything.

Good luck!

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