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What kind of point and shoot camera has a fast shutter response?

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Just what the question says. I'm a person that loves to take pictures, but I don't do it because I can't find a camera that has a fast shutter response. Just to be clear, I'm talking about the time between pressing the button to take the picture and when the picture actually takes. I see the perfect opportunity for photos all the time, but then by the time the picture is actually taken, whatever I'm taking a photo of has moved.

I don't want an SLR because I'm not a photographer and it'd really be just a waist of money. I'm looking for digital point and shoot cameras. I'd also like to have the possibility of HD video recording on the camera but my heart isn't set on it.

Shutter lag is caused by the camera's Auto Focus (AF) system and if it's too sluggish, taking photos can be quite frustrating. On cameras that do have problems with shutter lag...the trick to minimize lag is to allow the camera to lock in the focus by half pressing the shutter button, then when focus has been achieved...hold it there till the moment is right, then press the button down fully to take the shot. This allows less missed opportunities, but is still somewhat annoying having to do it all the time.

Luckily, these days you can get compact/point and shoot cameras that have minimal shutter lag, so are very quick to take a picture. This is due to improved processors and much improved AF systems.

In the link below you will see a list of some reviewed camera models. There are many more models that aren't in the would have to see older reviews on the same site. As you can see, the camera up the top of the list takes around 0.15 secs to take one photo. The slowest camera in the list takes around 1.6 secs to take a picture. Times for taking 5 photos and using the flash are also included...

Be aware that the fastest compact cameras don't necessarily take the best quality it's best to read individual reviews before making a decision.

Here are other review pages that include image samples and performance times...

Can you get still images from video recorded from a DSLR?


I'm wondering if it is possible to get still images from a HD video that was recorded on a digital SLR camera. Thanks in advance.

Yes, but you won't get anything beyond 2 MP because HD is just that.

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